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Single-patient capsules - numerous properties : 
•  Sulcular opening
•  Secondary haemostasis (by mechanical action)
•  Drying of the site
•  Protection of the periodontium while treatment


15 years after the launch of Expasyl, ACTEON® creates a new revolution in the field of sulcular opening and introduces Expazen™. Expazen™, the first cord-paste ever, has unique properties in an innovative, ergonomic presentation, while also preserving the periodontium.
Expazen™, whose global launch is planned on the occasion of IDS 2015, improves significantly patient care by providing : all the efficacy of cord without the drawbacks.


Expazen™ is the first cord-paste ever.
With Expazen™ the user is free : he works at his own pace.


Time management
Expazen™acts in 1 to 2 minutes, but can remain in sulcus up to 12 minutes (low solubility). The practitioner chooses exactly when he removes it. Unique flexibility of use enables him to work with full freedom and at his own pace !


He simplifies his gesture
Capsule with an exclusive design
Due to its perfectly sized tip, the capsule is never introduced into the sulcus. It delivers a cord-paste dense and wide enough to effectively retract the gingiva without any risk of damage to the epithelial attachment. Effective and atraumatic results every time !


Compatible with composite applicators
The Expazen™ capsule has been specifically designed to fit in existing composite applicators. The procedure becomes easier !


He chooses efficacy and safety
Same quality of opening as with a cord