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Sterile Riskontrol

Sterile Riskontrol

RISKONTROL - Total protect

RISKONTROL non-sterile tips; REFERENCES:




201 750 TOTAL PROTEC Blue (box of 100)




201 751 TOTAL PROTEC White (box of f 100)

Class 1 Medical device

Infection control

Disposable and flexible tips for the multi-function syringe.

Riskontrol Total Protec, syringe tip with plastic sheath for air/water syringe. Flexible sheath in polyethylene. Length of 55 cm to wholly cover the metallic air/water syringe is fully realized. Fully achieved protection of the patients from cross contamination.

While keeping their unique advantages, RISKONTROL tips have been improved:

New design

Improved grip: easy set up and removal more flexible tips and very easy to bend

New connection system (Perfect system)

  • "Perfect System" guide for simple and rapid installation and removal of the Riskontrol tip
  • perfect circulation of air and water
  • no risk of accidental ejection of the tip