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Extraction Kit and Tips

For delicate extractions with less post-operative trauma.

Piezotome / Implant Center: Ref F87346

Piezotome 2 / Piezotome Solo 

Implant Center 2: Ref F87546

Extraction Kit:

Ref. F87346 /F87546

Extraction Pack: Ref.F87340/F87540

This kit of instruments, adapted to the anatomical context, is intended for clinical acts such as extraction of wisdom teeth,

fractured roots, impacted teeth and root section. The tip gently slips between the root and "gently". Micro-ultrasonic oscillations cause detachment of the ligament without damaging the surrounding soft tissue.


  • Preservation of the alveolar plate,
  • Selective cut*,
  • Less traumatic,
  • Effortless,
  • Less post-operative pain,
  • Less risk of minimal failure.

* Limiting the risk of soft tissue lesion.